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The Cake Investment Plan shows step-by-step how to track and mimic the long-term performance of highly successful investing professionals. Using the Cake Investment Plan Portfolio as a model, we illustrate how an investor can develop a strategic plan using a low-cost ETF-based investing approach.

Cake Investment Plan also reveals a novel method for investors to reduce their risk through a tactical timing strategy to protect them from bear markets. The Cake Investment Plan will also showcase a method to follow the smart money and mimic the top hedge funds and thier investing ability. With simple, straightforward advice, The Cake Investment Plan will show investors exactly how this can be accomplished—and allow them to achieve an excellent level of investment success in the process.

With all of the uncertainty in the markets today, Cake Investment Plan helps the investor answer the most often asked question in investing today – “What do I do”?


The Cake Investment Group philosophy stands upon 4 pillars:

We work tirelessly to find simple opportunities that can help you take control and build long-term wealth.

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Public Spending & Investment Strategy

Recent events have seen a dramatic rise in government expenditures.  The federal government has increasedspending by $3.6 trillion which is almost double the pre-pandemic spending level.  This is …

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Easy Credit & Investing

We have discussed previously that the Federal Reserve has taken extraordinary steps in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Fed has increased its year on year growth in …

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Trade Policy & Long-Term Investors

Trade Policy continues to be in the headlines and how this plays out will be of significance to long-term investors.  The Trump Administration has made no …

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