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Trade with Caketm Subscription Trading Service.

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Increase Your Returns with Futures!

Returns with Futures

Cake Investment Group is happy to offer our trading moves in advance of all our trades.  Increase your returns with futures.  Our Trade with Caketm subscription service takes all the hassle out of adding alpha to your portfolio by tracking and mimicking the long-term performance of highly successful traders. Using the Trade with Caketm service, we can help investors and traders add significant return to their portfolios.

Trade with Caketm also employs a sound and disciplined risk management strategy for investors and traders to control their risk via sensible profit targets and loss limits. The service will alert subscribers at least 30 minutes prior to any trades. With simple, straightforward instructions, the subscriber service will show investors and traders exactly what to do—and allow them the opportunity to achieve an unparalleled level of investment and trading success in the process.

With all the uncertainty in the markets today, Trade with Caketm helps the investor/trader answer the most often asked question in the markets today – “What do I do”?


Cake Investment Group seeks to analyze trading opportunities based upon an understandable philosophy, which stands upon 4 pillars:

We work tirelessly to analyze the markets to provide you with a rock solid partner to increase your returns with futures