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Cake Investment Group provides macro market analysis from a perspective outside of the corporate financial media.  We are not beholden to sponsors and advertisers that require a spin on financial news reporting and “analysis”. 

This group of sponsors and advertisers consists of the financial advisory industry, the banking sector, the mutual fund complex, the hedge fund complex, as well as the network of government contractors and employees that cycle through political, think tank and regulatory jobs.  This is particularly concentrated in and among the Federal Reserve.

The need to service these interest groups for advertising dollars requires corporate financial media outlets to spin the news toward always staying in the market and claiming that everything is A OK.

We at Cake Investment Group are beholden only to our paying subscribers.  We have a vested interest in providing the best macro analysis and insight, whether positive or negative.  In a world of compromised information sources, we think this is long overdue.


Cake Investment Group seeks to analyze the market and financial environment based upon an understandable philosophy, which stands upon 4 pillars:

We work tirelessly analyze the markets and the policy environment to provide you usable information to navigate a hostile financial world.

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