Best Investment Options for 2020

Investments are the cornerstone of financial security and financial independence.  Whether or not we want to invest, we have to, if only to keep ahead of inflation and taxes.  This remains true even in the wake of the current meltdown, which has likely not run its course. Where then, in the midst of this financial bloodletting, does one find opportunities?

Why Is Investing Still Crucial?

Investing is not something everyone loves to think about.  You should be appropriately allocated in a qualified account and be maxed out on your contribution to take full advantage of the tax benefits.   This is a prudent strategy.  If, however, you seek to control these investments and to do so while taking only reasonable risks, then you need another strategy than buy and hold.  The Cake Investment Plan offers a way to do this.

Choose the Right Lifestyle

Today, investing is easier than ever.  Multiple low-cost platforms make investing very simple and can be dome on any mobile device from anywhere you are internet enabled.  The key is to choose the correct strategy for you and your goals and lifestyle.  There is certainly nothing wrong with day trading and spending a bulk of your time in front of a computer screen managing trades.  This, however, does not often fit the lifestyle of an individual seeking a traditional investment plan.  Most cannot forsake their job or have the inclination to spend all day in front of an investing screen.  Even fewer have the emotional stamina to achieve this.  I know I don’t!  Fortunately, if you are not a day trader, like me then there is an alternative.  The Cake Investing Plan is designed to provide you monthly signals and offer a sound money management plan to profit at realistic price points in your long-term investing.  This does not entail a lot of time each month nor does it involve spending all your time in front of a real time feed managing your trades.  It also settles your emotions because you enter each month with a plan in place and immediately know when to enter and when to exit.  It certainly does work as a complement to day trading but is better for someone with a full-time career to tend to.

Choose the Right Strategy

There are many different approaches to investing, many that can help you achieve financial independence.  I am not claiming that The Cake Investing Plan is the only way to make money by investing.  What I think is best about the Cake Investing Plan is its simplicity and its humility.  I am not suggesting that you swing for the fences and try to hit home runs but rather to be more realistic and just try to consistently hit singles.  It is a simple process that should make sense to experienced investors as well as those relatively new to investing.  It is, however, a strategy that allows you to control your long-term investment strategy but to do so with help.  Being in control does not mean going it alone.

Best Investment Options 2020

Over the years, there have been numerous developments in the world of finance, and thankfully, investors now have alternatives to sitting and watching their 401ks go through stomach churning downdrafts while not being able to do anything about it.  Yes, it is still the best thing to keep your retirement money in a low-cost broad market index fund, but it is also now within your power to gain financial control by employing a safe strategy to remove you from the roller coaster rides of the past.  One of the best options during this time of extraordinary volatility remains this logical and safer approach to long-term investing.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the right tools, strategies and lifestyles to invest can be a way for you to grow your investment assets and significantly profit from investing within an acceptable level of risk.  So, while there are no guarantees of profit in this or any other investment opportunity, one thing is for certain, nobody cares more about your money than you do.  So, it only makes sense, now more than ever, to take a strong measure of control over your portfolio. 

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