Futures trading solutions to add alpha to your portfolio.  For general information regarding futures trading see this piece

You Got Questions? We Got Answers.

This is one of the broadest, most liquid markets in all the varying asset classes.  Using it provides good exposure to a broad diversity of underlying assets, thus reducing risk.

Simply put, there is no time decay.  Options are wasting assets, which means their value declines over time—a phenomenon known as time decay.  An options trader must pay attention to time decay because it can severely erode the profitability of an option position or turn a winning position into a losing one. Futures, on the other hand, do not have to contend with time decay.

This is a great strategy for your long-term portfolio.  This is a supplement to that long-term strategy.  We too have such a long-term strategy but utilize this system to add alpha to our returns by trading long and short for shorter time frames to add returns.  The goal is to get strong signals and to enter with a set money management plan that identifies profit targets and has loss limits that meet your risk tolerance, to add alpha to your portfolio.

The uniqueness of this plan is The Cake Trend Identification Line. This indicates in a strong manner what the trend is showing, thus giving confidence at the point of entry.  Also, the fact that this strategy is providing a trade at the beginning of a signal change means that you have the opportunity to get in early on what is often a strong move.

This is a fair question.  Simply put, I am looking to raise more trading capital, and since I am trading this market anyway, I might as well share this with those who may want to follow along, for a price of course.  This is not inconsistent with the thrust of this plan, as I am suggesting it be a supplement to your long-term investing efforts not an income replacement.  The better question for you is, does this plan offer value?

$25 per month (cancel anytime) or, for better value:

$250/year (Cancel anytime)

At the end of every futures trading session (4pm central time), we run the numbers and determine based on the Cake Trend Identification Line, if an entry signal is triggered.  This signal may be either long or short.  We will then send out a text/email message no later than 4:30 pm central time as to what contract we are trading; whether long or short; what the profit target and loss limit are (based upon your entry price).  You can then determine to place the trade, or not, and for how many contracts, based upon your unique situation.

This process repeats on Thursdays (Good Friday; Friday after Thanksgiving excepted) for our Friday trading session variant on our Cake Trend Identification Line signal.

Note: All trading sessions begin at 5pm central time on the day before the listed trade day/date.

Every plan has a weak spot, stay away from anyone who would claim otherwise.  The weak spot of this plan is that there are times during a serious runup or drop that a signal will not be generated because the price never pulls back enough to generate a signal in the opposite direction, thus keeping you out of the market during what could be a profitable period.  However, this is simply a facet of the fact that the signal is supposed to be conservative in nature.  Better to be disciplined and safely profitable than suffer reckless losses.