Every trading strategy brings up questions and concerns.  Hopefully we can provide you satisfactory answers to your questions concerning our trading strategy.

Trading Strategy Considerations/Objections

Understanding the broad movement of the economy and the overall market provides insight that is invaluable.  Whatever trading or investing methodology you use, knowing the status of the overall market and the condition of the broad economy will make you that much more successful.

The uniqueness of  the Cake Strategic Signals is that no one else blends together all the relevant metrics and indicators in such a way to provide such powerful insight into the broad market and the overall economy.  The track record of these indicators is all you need to know about how insightful they are.

This would produce higher returns than most plans but at a severe risk, because this would violate the fourth pillar of our philosophy: Emotional Attainability. Asking investors or traders to ride out severe downturns is asking more than most have historically been able to achieve.  Investors and traders bail out too soon and get in too late to maximize their gains.  All of our plans avoid this trap.

All of the plans in our library are designed to achieve all of our 4 pillars.  This gives you the best chance of maximizing your returns over meaningful periods of time.  Whether it is our core All In/All Out long-term investment plan or one of our supplemental trading systems, you will have a simple easy to use strategy that you can emotionally execute.  Also, we have a variety of plans because not any one plan appeals to all trader profiles; some are more risk averse than others, so we give you the opportunity to choose a plan that fits your personality.

This is a fair question.  As a matter of fact I do employ the core All In/All Out plan for my core retirement funds and I do utilize several of the other plans that best fit my trading style. Simply put, however, I am looking to raise more trading capital as well as have a full-time gig to pay the bills.  This is not inconsistent with the thrust of these  plans, as I am suggesting it be first, the core of your retirement funds as well as other plans to supplement your long-term investing efforts. None of this is meant as an an income replacement.  The better question for you is, do these plans offer value?

Every plan or strategy has a weak spot, stay away from anyone who would claim otherwise.  The weak spot of these plans are clearly spelled out in each plan description.  We hide nothing from our customers.  By discussing openly the strengths and weaknesses you can determine how and when you can use each plan to best effect.

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