About Our Trading Expertise

Tom "Cake" Cleary

Cake Investment Group was founded by Tom Cleary or, Cake as he is known, to serve as his private equity investment vehicle.

Cake is known for his engineering like outlook toward market and business analysis.  This came to him both naturally and from an upbringing that valued precision.  Cake was born and raised in the heartland of the United States.  It was here that he learned the value of hard work and accountability.  He also learned to both view the world as it is, yet work toward what it should be. He went on to attain a degree in history.  After completing this rigorous course of study Cake then began a varied and impressive business career. He has worked in fields as diverse as the hospitality industry, wholesale coffee, as well as the last 20 years in the financial services industry.  It is in this capacity that Cake worked with  mutual funds and annuities in a wholesale capacity.   It was from this vantage point that he learned market analysis and paired it with his extensive operational expertise. 

Gaining Investing & Trading Expertise

For over a decade Cake was a part of the financial services industry.  In that time, Cake worked with financial advisors, assisting them in planning for their clients as well as in building their business.  Cake did this as a case design specialist, and in a wholesale capacity.  Cake achieved significant success and knowledge during this tour of duty.

During this time Cake, being so rigorously trained, began to study and deeply understand the Austrian perspective of economics and investing cycle analysis. This allowed him to begin to see a better way to analyze markets and to identify steller companies in those markets.

In 2015 Cake left the wholesaling end of the financial services world and set out to assist companies that needed timely injections of capital and a long-term partner.  Since that time Cake took all the inside knowledge he had gained about markets and business analysis, as well as the Austrian insights he had absorbed and then developed a set of criteria to identify outstanding companies with whom to partner and assist.   In addition to providing mezzanine financing to capably run concerns Cake manages an investment and trading portfolio on behalf of his Cake Investment Group.

This dynamic combination of investment, trading and analytical expertise allows Cake to find outstanding partners to assist.  Let Cake Investment Group be your guide to a more profitable future.

More Than Selling Coin

Prior to his time in  financial services, Cake had extensive experience in the manufacturing sector.  Cake was with a Fortune 50 company.  His main responsibility was for writing the company sales plan. One key responsibility was developing new business.  Also, Cake managed and mentored a team of employees.  His task was to ensure that his customers received the sales and service that was promised to them.  Cake hired, trained and developed sales personnel.  Also, Cake established goals and objectives for employees. Additionally, he directed them to successfully attain those goals.  He had overall profit and loss responsibility.  So in addition to his financing and market analysis expertise he understands how business works and how to measure business conditions.

A Humble Servant

Today Cake still lives in the Heartland of America, far removed the noise of the day-to-day financial world.  Cake spends the majority of his time diligently seeking out partners and working on their behalf to assist them and their employees in building a better future.  When Cake is not working he is a keen student of history and volunteers with a number of organizations.  Cake also enjoys spending time with family and close friends.