Low Cost

All investors succeed based on one key driver of long-term performance;
keeping expenses low. This is as true today as it has been throughout time. We encourage investors to minimize expenses in order to help maximize returns.

Simple Strategy

Any market analysis should be simple enough for the non-industry professional to understand. We explain and analyze the market in plain language. Whether it is reviewing the various asset classes or policy impacts upon the economy, you will understand what is going on.

Rule Based

The temptation to play “hunches” and follow your gut is a sure path to subpar returns. Cake Investment Group has rules and metrics that guide our analysis. The heat of the moment is no time to formulate a strategy. We choose a perspective that makes sense; look at the market from our perspective, then produce our reports. Rules based financial decisions removes much of the emotions that can ruin any plan.

Emotionally Attainable

This is key. All of the previous three pillars are for naught if any plan is not emotionally attainable. By this we mean that a plan that expects us to completely ride out gut wrenching downdrafts and extended and revised return periods is simply not realistic. We would never make a suggestion that we ourselves would not be comfortable undertaking.