Do-It-Yourself Trading Plan

The Cake Futures Trading Plan  lays out for you a simple, emotionally attainable low-cost trading plan.  This will provide you an outstanding opportunity to profit over meaningful periods of time. All this while you maintain a relatively low risk profile. This plan is laid out in detail and in a language that is easy to understand, even for the novice trader  Yet explained with a logic that will engage the more experienced trader.

Clear Trading Signals

The Cake Futures Trading Plan provides you with clear, easy to understand  signals that improve upon a traditional trading plan. This helps determine for you whether to be long, short, or on the sidelines. These are updated monthly and form the heart of our trading plan. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it by following this signal.

Bubble Barometer

Cake Investment Group will help you to understand when the market is in an unsustainable bubble and how large the bubble has become. This allows you, as an investor to prepare a prudent strategy for when the bubble bursts.

Using a mix of relevant indicators; The Q Ratio, Cape Ratio, Total Market P/E Ratio, and the Inventory to Sales Ratio and combining them using our proprietary methodology we can provide great clarity regarding where the market is in the boom-bust cycle.

Recession Indicator

Knowing what trends are about to impact your portfolio gives you an advantage in helping you protect your assets. Using a mix of long-term money supply growth rates and short-term daily withholding tax flows, Cake Investment Group can shed great insight into the likelihood of a recession within the next next 18-24 months. This unique, proprietary formula can help you navigate the macro investment environment with confidence.


Cake Investment Group also provides timely and insightful analysis, from PHR himself, on topics relevant to traders and investors. This unique perspective is only available to members and will inform you as no other market analysis can.

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