Mezzanine Financing

Cake Investment Group is a junior capital investment firm that offers mezzanine debt and equity to companies with revenues of $2 to $20 million and EBITDA of $400K to $2 million.  We offer a broad range of financing solutions, from mezzanine debt to making minority and majority equity investments using a combination of mezzanine debt and equity. 

Third Party Financing

Cake Investment Group works with a variety of lenders and capital investment partners that may very well be able to extend financing.  We will facilitate and coordinate the process of bringing together the third party lender with the company that meets our criteria.

Strategic Options Consultation

In select instances you may be able to avail yourself of the vast strategic experience of Cake Investment Group.  We have the breadth of perspective and depth of experience to provide strategic advice to help achieve optimal — and sustainable — results. 

We will examine your entire operation from the ground up and help you determine what is the best strategic direction to take.  Whether it means a reorganization, new channel opportunities or a merger or acquisition our experience can guide you to a dynamic future.